The Flood of 2005



The following photos were taken by Trevor Stannus age 12 in Mrs. Baker's-6th Grade Class at Rondout Middle School.  (Thank you for sharing)

Across Berme Road

Across Berme Road, Kerhonkson


Truck Floating across our Rd.

Floating Truck near Berme Road

Wes''s Farm Berme Rd

Wes's Farm on Berme Road

Berme Rd. Football Field

Berme Road Football Field


Berme Rd-Truck afloat

Equipment Trailer on Main Street Kerhonkson Bridge


209 at Boice Mill

Boice Mill Road and Route 209


Berme Rd. Accord

Berme Road, Kerhonkson


209 Amish Store

Amish Store, Kerhonkson (Wawarsing)




The following photographs were submitted by Accord resident Terry Bernardo and were taken on April 3rd.

Kelder Farm, Route 209, Lower Field


Rochester Reformed Church, Route 209

Rochester Reformed Church, Interior

High Falls, April 3rd.